They barely let the dust from their tires against the dirt road settle

It wasn’t in shame for their deeds but in haste

It hung thick like a stage curtain

From it a thousand feet are heard

In dancing

Dancing to the frantic music of death

The feet of men with lost pride,women in grief and children confussed

Together they sing their lungs empty of breath

A chorus of terror and disbelief

Yet the dust wouldn’t settle

In shame nature tried to cover it’s eyes

For man has evolved in the wrong direction

He began walking on two feet leaving the hands free to embrace in love

Not hold a gun

Resonating across the distance, weapons scream and howl

Like beast in a free for all feast

Yet not a tear was once shed

Hearts carved out of stone and brains wrapped in a turban of ignorance

Humanity has fallen low enough,here it lay dead

And the vultures of extinction circle in anxiety

Maybe the ants will outlive us

At this rate,maybe a hundred years and no more

This creature called man,faults nature’s most important instinct

Self preservation,

Until an arch of mercy,compassion and tolerance is built

The flood of extinction builds

It’s feet hastens and it’s depth deepens

Maybe Noah wasn’t a man but all of us.


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