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The Wait


Humbled in dutiful waiting,
with a carpet laid out in every colour of the rainbow,
the pot of gold at the end of it all.

Holding fort in flowing capes of red,
for you deserve nothing less than two with super powers.
Head first,
that you may see this world and all it’s beauty in the truth of God’s all revealing great light.
So little,
yet our hands inadequately small to bear the gift so great you are.
Find home in this manger of two hearts and straw from the reassuring comfort of God’s grace.
waiting on a pleasant surprise.


Some days we feel like a tree that just wouldn’t grow right,

Stunted with roots reaching as far down but barely breaking the earth,

Some days we feel like a stream flowing uphill,

A spectacle to behold yet the struggle against gravity is nothing compared to that against its very nature,

Waking up from brilliant dreams to a reality of both feet cast in concrete,

They say up there holds room for all to fly,

Yet hardly is it mentioned of how uncharacteristic it is of a tree to take flight,

A grounded heart with eyes that look up in wonder,

Wonder of how different it could be,

An inverted existence,

An eagle raised by a hen,

Eyes sore from staring at the sun with a longing heart,

Shackles of green white and green,

A history of the blind leading men with sight,

Men with sight who choose to keep one eye shut,

For fear it sees what the other does,

Afraid that together they may recognize the true state of affairs,

A 56 years old exodus,

In quest for a land of milk and honey whose path was long lost and may never be found.


They barely let the dust from their tires against the dirt road settle

It wasn’t in shame for their deeds but in haste

It hung thick like a stage curtain

From it a thousand feet are heard

In dancing

Dancing to the frantic music of death

The feet of men with lost pride,women in grief and children confussed

Together they sing their lungs empty of breath

A chorus of terror and disbelief

Yet the dust wouldn’t settle

In shame nature tried to cover it’s eyes

For man has evolved in the wrong direction

He began walking on two feet leaving the hands free to embrace in love

Not hold a gun

Resonating across the distance, weapons scream and howl

Like beast in a free for all feast

Yet not a tear was once shed

Hearts carved out of stone and brains wrapped in a turban of ignorance

Humanity has fallen low enough,here it lay dead

And the vultures of extinction circle in anxiety

Maybe the ants will outlive us

At this rate,maybe a hundred years and no more

This creature called man,faults nature’s most important instinct

Self preservation,

Until an arch of mercy,compassion and tolerance is built

The flood of extinction builds

It’s feet hastens and it’s depth deepens

Maybe Noah wasn’t a man but all of us.

L Word

Love beautiful yet frail
Like a new born,tender and held with caution
It’s head cradled a certain way less it snaps it’s neck
All it does is want
And all you do is give
Nourishing it strong with food and words
No sooner did it crawl did it start to walk
A first step taken in fright to quicker paces after a worried chicken in the yard
As you watch it grow,all you can do is pray
For babies often grow to become saints other times monsters
Those eyes that said without words I need you
The fingers that explored the contours of your face and told you how perfect you were
Lips that left you convinced that all they were meant for was kisses and a radiant smile
that left the sun jealous and the stars insecure
But love is not a babe forever
as a child does it too grows
Not unlike the pine trees that line the front fence
From a cradle to a bed
Cloths once bogus now barely fit
For some love gets wiser and kinder
It’s water gets purer for drinking and it’s branches grow broader in shade
But love too can be sour
Like parents we never know
One minute you’re looking in your baby’s adorable eyes
And impatiently imagining the blessings the world stands to gain
The next minute it’s those same eyes in the news
It wasn’t for a cure for cancer
But a crime that would kill it’s victims even slower
Like our children it often grows to break our hearts
Good or bad,our children are gifts
More than blessed we are to be graced with the tittle parent
To love is no different
However long it lasts
Sweet or sour
Nothing is taken from the gift that it is
With arms wide embrace it
With an open heart own it
And like a clay pot filled with water from the village stream
Collect it’s wisdom with an open mind

In The Company of Shows

Sadness, by now our acquaintance has become kin
For each night before I sleep your voice I hear last as your arms wrap around me
Your faithfulness is indeed admirable
But your presence unbearable
Like the Raven your company though unrequested breaks the silence of loneliness
Abit distasteful though I must say
Your words are never of comfort and your stories keep my soul on edge
But then you are my friend
The one who bothers to tock me in at night and read my cynical heart to sleep
Reminding me that tomorrow could be better 
but today was indeed very sad.

Resonance of a passing year

The resonance of a passing year
Gradually her echo is all that’s left
Her strong words fade to the nothing of black
So too the hopes and dreams that came with the pack
Through it all we had our moments
Yet some days were better spent in bed
Like an ostrich
Head buried under the duvet
shying away from reality behind my door
yet the battle sounds sipped through the space beneath
But all old things like the dead are better remembered in the light of Their good
The moments we wished would last forever
And the people that painted them bold
It’s been a long road
These words say it all
Even though we wear the scars of battles fought
Having life at whatever cost is all the victory we need
Change is never an easy thing
The new and the anxiety it brings
But to that I raise my glass in toast
That the new will be kind and the lessons of the old be gold
Happiness will call us by our name
Success will teach us a new dance
And love will learn to stay. 

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 260 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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