The silos of the heart

Where all precious and lost can be found

Thier ghost gather emotions like dust

Often regret is no intruder

her company qualifies the antiquity of certain items

We continue to magically make room

As long as we live

For nothing good has been known to last

Life changing words to love lost out at the open seas of life

Her turbulence arrogantly takes credit for the sinking of many ships

Thier sailing days may be over but their wreckages remain

Amidst the laughter and tears,

The retired and the wrecked

I too find a spot

Time spent here may be lost

But the allure of the past pulls with invisible grasps and calling voices

I should pull up a chair

Sometimes life is not about ambition but recollection

Treasures of accomplishment,regret,faces,places and feelings

All locked away behind these thick concrete walls

For fear they get lost and we forget who we are,

A sum of our past and the ones that loved us are all we are

After all tomorrow was never promised



Words are so insufficient when you need them most

Suddenly shutting the door behind yourself in your own head becomes a sentence chosen out of helpless liberty

It’s four walls don’t only feel frighteningly familiar but my own words make home with my thoughts within them

Experience has proven this a bad marriage yet this experience continues to shadow every attempt at love

It’s easy to be alone in a crowd

Abnormal is the loneliness of one in the company of another

From nights reading labels off red win bottles

To challenging the nature of television,asking of it human company it can only show but never know

The Art of Heart

Winning is one end of the game

loosing is it’s evil twin

I could stare at this cards all day,

put them down and walk away

Or simply play

Mistake it for madness

I call it the art of heart

Every choice is a single card from a pack you don’t own

Play with all at stake

Life is a night out in Las Vegas

Loose to a debt paid in full only at death

I’ll take my chance at winning

The after taste of it’s reward lingers even on the tongue of others

I’ll take a pocket full of heart any day

For to live in fear is to never know

In the end,only to find out one was short changed by the machine of life


My blue sea of bottomless depth and endless boundaries

Find here a kiss to end your day

You are the ledge from which this man hangs,

less he falls off the face of this life…

Your smile will forever be my compass,

For i will follow it like a star that it is.

My days will be spent fanning it’s flame and my nights collecting wood for it’s beautiful glow and warmth.

Your love is a book,it’s pages endless and I it’s spell bound reader…

May it never be said that you sort after love and couldn’t find it.

Musings of the mad

Never was there such a thing as a love doomed,

for love like a stream will always find it’s way.

It’s path was never meant to be straight but it’s destination remains always the same.

Only the mad and cursed wield courage enough to pursue it’s cause.

For her paths are treacherous and shadowed by the unforeseen.

Peace was never promised,but joy it’s end.

It’s story is written in short steps,each one tested severely.

With more tears than songs but like the rainbow’s end,great is her reward.

Feel free to fall in love,

At your own risk.

But believe me,it’s worth it.


Who am I?

Am I the person in the mirror I hate looking at and love to admire?

The person in my head I assume I am or should be?

The characters sometimes found in books and movies?

The person people say I am and I love to believe?

A combination of many I admire?

A collection of of individual traits and characteristics I desire?

The opposite of those I judge and dislike?

Maybe I’m as special as I sometimes tell myself I am in consolation.

Maybe not…

I am the person I find each day.

The person I’m sometimes ashamed of other times in awe.

I am like a wave,life like the wind shapes me.

Like water,my base state remains constant but my character, a series of various reactions.

I am good

I am bad

I am kind 

I am mean

I am a saint and a sinner too

Compassionate yet judgemental

Brave but afraid…

I am a natural contradiction.

Truth be told,I do not know who I am

but how it is not such a thing to be ashamed of,I have learnt.

Not knowing who you are…

I guess I am human.

A plight For Judas

Finally the self righteous become that which they despise
They find the stones they once threw carefully arranged in their own garden
Like Jericho,the walls they put up and always felt safe behind come cascading down like a waterfall 
We are who we say we are not
We are what we fear
The faults our fingers identify,like Trojans dwell within
and like sheep are clothed in pride
It was only a matter of time
Before your sins found you and owned you
Others remain liars until we ourselves lie
At first it’s shock
Then it’s guilt
denial then lays a comfortable bed for the numbness
and finally our vision becomes tainted by grey colored glasses.