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The silos of the heart

Where all precious and lost can be found

Thier ghost gather emotions like dust

Often regret is no intruder

her company qualifies the antiquity of certain items

We continue to magically make room

As long as we live

For nothing good has been known to last

Life changing words to love lost out at the open seas of life

Her turbulence arrogantly takes credit for the sinking of many ships

Thier sailing days may be over but their wreckages remain

Amidst the laughter and tears,

The retired and the wrecked

I too find a spot

Time spent here may be lost

But the allure of the past pulls with invisible grasps and calling voices

I should pull up a chair

Sometimes life is not about ambition but recollection

Treasures of accomplishment,regret,faces,places and feelings

All locked away behind these thick concrete walls

For fear they get lost and we forget who we are,

A sum of our past and the ones that loved us are all we are

After all tomorrow was never promised



The heart has no hiding place in love
Its fruits hang low enough for the picking
The smell of flowers from its garden calls to passers by
music is heard from deep within
Like Eden its Adam pursues all that pleases his Eve
The wings it gives stretch out across miles on both sides
And in flight nothing looks more divine
With a halo over it’s head it pronounces itself chaste
Pure to prejudice
But prone to jealousy
Like a peacock its colours reach out in every direction into a warm embrace
In the spirit of the hippie,all it preaches is Love
Love it’s religion,priest and church
Listen to its music burn in fire and played in tongues
For the first time the eyes perceive smell and the ears see
Emotion defeats logic in a feast fight
All is bright,all is new and pleasantly strange
Mountains loose significance as oceans contest the endless horizon of possibilities
Life has new meaning
Time has lost season
And all is at the mercy of such a violent emotion
A dictator of sorts
That drags its victim away like a thousand wild horses into the sunset
Here is where the purest streams of joy empty like fine win into a glass
Sadness plunges to its death
laughter becomes common language
And tears may be shed,but in joy
Light footed,every step a glide
No other form of levitation could elevate the soul to a purer and higher consciousness

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