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Resonance of a passing year

The resonance of a passing year
Gradually her echo is all that’s left
Her strong words fade to the nothing of black
So too the hopes and dreams that came with the pack
Through it all we had our moments
Yet some days were better spent in bed
Like an ostrich
Head buried under the duvet
shying away from reality behind my door
yet the battle sounds sipped through the space beneath
But all old things like the dead are better remembered in the light of Their good
The moments we wished would last forever
And the people that painted them bold
It’s been a long road
These words say it all
Even though we wear the scars of battles fought
Having life at whatever cost is all the victory we need
Change is never an easy thing
The new and the anxiety it brings
But to that I raise my glass in toast
That the new will be kind and the lessons of the old be gold
Happiness will call us by our name
Success will teach us a new dance
And love will learn to stay. 



The silos of the heart

Where all precious and lost can be found

Thier ghost gather emotions like dust

Often regret is no intruder

her company qualifies the antiquity of certain items

We continue to magically make room

As long as we live

For nothing good has been known to last

Life changing words to love lost out at the open seas of life

Her turbulence arrogantly takes credit for the sinking of many ships

Thier sailing days may be over but their wreckages remain

Amidst the laughter and tears,

The retired and the wrecked

I too find a spot

Time spent here may be lost

But the allure of the past pulls with invisible grasps and calling voices

I should pull up a chair

Sometimes life is not about ambition but recollection

Treasures of accomplishment,regret,faces,places and feelings

All locked away behind these thick concrete walls

For fear they get lost and we forget who we are,

A sum of our past and the ones that loved us are all we are

After all tomorrow was never promised


My blue sea of bottomless depth and endless boundaries

Find here a kiss to end your day

You are the ledge from which this man hangs,

less he falls off the face of this life…

Your smile will forever be my compass,

For i will follow it like a star that it is.

My days will be spent fanning it’s flame and my nights collecting wood for it’s beautiful glow and warmth.

Your love is a book,it’s pages endless and I it’s spell bound reader…

May it never be said that you sort after love and couldn’t find it.

The Storm On the Sea Of Galili

Pain by now you know me by name

Drop by drop you corrode sanity

You let me watch each incision

Without a bother for precision

You leave horrible scars across my frail heart

You call it life

I call it Hell

Hope for us is a dark night with a shy moon that won’t come out to play

First you cry

Then you wish to die

After comes nothing but numbness

The days become a struggle

The nights become long watch hours

Only the peaceful know sleep

Above all this

I neither fear the pain or grief

My bleakest thought would be losing you

Not just your body

But your heart and spirit to the ever closing pain

A soul snatcher it is

A killer of love and all that believe in it

Music of the night

Music in the night

Distant like the moon light

Yet behind those dark clouds your light shine bright

You sing me gently to sleep like a mother to her babe

Your words say tomorrow will be better 

And it streets Finner

You tell me to take heart

That today’s defeat was not a loss but a lesson

My body finds sleep but my spirit is awakened like a tended fire

Your words say I’m strong and good 

That failure is common to every man so is success

That life is beautiful

Although sometimes it may scare you

Like thunder on a stormy night

But the loudest things don’t have the greatest strength

For fear is the gate keeper to new beginnings

Your world is never what your eyes see but what your mind dreams and your heart believes

Dream your tomorrow into existence

You may loose it all but never loose faith

For it’s seed sprout life itself

Love is easy but it’s price is pretty stip

If it wasn’t then every fool will afford it

And it’s value will be lost

Never be too lazy to learn

For knowledge is the boat that gets you to the other side

Your size is never a limitation

Ask the ants and they will tell you so.

For Love of Woman

My “Daughter of Faith”

The one of whom Destiny has written such a fine and intriguing plot

Your mother has cursed and blessed you

For by faith you must travel paths few have the courage to

By faith also all you desire is possible

But your nature is everything but common

A unique woman whose ways identify,

In a special way with the roles of daughter,sister,wife and mother 

With love unreservedly lavished ,you straddle them and ride their rough and curvy routes

To know you is to know the rewards reserved for the righteous

Hardly is anyone deserving of your love

You wear your crown upon your heart

Your royal scepter,your will to do good and please God

Those who christened you Omanma,were divinely inspired

For your beauty is skin deep as well as a halo around your carefully sculpted head 

My love for you is etched in stone.

Mortal Music


My heart sways to the rhythm of life

Cosmic or spiritual,take a pick

It’s music of perfect precision, composed with cords of finest gold

With flawless notes of joy,sadness,love,loneliness,passion,apathy,birth and death

To her melodies,we become believers

In pursuit of conclusion to its seemingly endless story

Hoping to find truth

That with open arms it may greet us

And with enlightened minds,it may lift us

But while it plays,we listen but with troubled minds

Do we dance or just sit and listen

One thing is certain

Like everything with a beginning,sweet or sour

They all find an end.

Do we then morn in sadness of an expected end?

Or like the lovers of beautiful things that we are,enjoy the finest music.

The choice is ours,so is the end.

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