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Resonance of a passing year

The resonance of a passing year
Gradually her echo is all that’s left
Her strong words fade to the nothing of black
So too the hopes and dreams that came with the pack
Through it all we had our moments
Yet some days were better spent in bed
Like an ostrich
Head buried under the duvet
shying away from reality behind my door
yet the battle sounds sipped through the space beneath
But all old things like the dead are better remembered in the light of Their good
The moments we wished would last forever
And the people that painted them bold
It’s been a long road
These words say it all
Even though we wear the scars of battles fought
Having life at whatever cost is all the victory we need
Change is never an easy thing
The new and the anxiety it brings
But to that I raise my glass in toast
That the new will be kind and the lessons of the old be gold
Happiness will call us by our name
Success will teach us a new dance
And love will learn to stay. 

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