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The silos of the heart

Where all precious and lost can be found

Thier ghost gather emotions like dust

Often regret is no intruder

her company qualifies the antiquity of certain items

We continue to magically make room

As long as we live

For nothing good has been known to last

Life changing words to love lost out at the open seas of life

Her turbulence arrogantly takes credit for the sinking of many ships

Thier sailing days may be over but their wreckages remain

Amidst the laughter and tears,

The retired and the wrecked

I too find a spot

Time spent here may be lost

But the allure of the past pulls with invisible grasps and calling voices

I should pull up a chair

Sometimes life is not about ambition but recollection

Treasures of accomplishment,regret,faces,places and feelings

All locked away behind these thick concrete walls

For fear they get lost and we forget who we are,

A sum of our past and the ones that loved us are all we are

After all tomorrow was never promised


Mortal Music


My heart sways to the rhythm of life

Cosmic or spiritual,take a pick

It’s music of perfect precision, composed with cords of finest gold

With flawless notes of joy,sadness,love,loneliness,passion,apathy,birth and death

To her melodies,we become believers

In pursuit of conclusion to its seemingly endless story

Hoping to find truth

That with open arms it may greet us

And with enlightened minds,it may lift us

But while it plays,we listen but with troubled minds

Do we dance or just sit and listen

One thing is certain

Like everything with a beginning,sweet or sour

They all find an end.

Do we then morn in sadness of an expected end?

Or like the lovers of beautiful things that we are,enjoy the finest music.

The choice is ours,so is the end.

Then and Now

Believe me when I says its a long story 

Then and now,the space between blurs 

But the lessons learnt became the tall tree from which a new and broader view of life hangs 

Life has no straight roads,quote me 

Over hills and around corners 

Open country to vast ocean 

The journey covers them all 

Everyday a market day 

The night before is filled with wonder 

What goods will line the merchants tables 

Through all this in age I’ve found company 

Not the most pleasant  

But the most reliable 

Change continually plays the bag pipes and other elements respond with dancing 

From shorter days to shorter nights 

Its a long road from when I was a boy 

When my wings were young and ambitious 

Everything was possible 

Life was a canvas, 

I painted on it what I willed  

Each stroke led by young ambition 

Anxiety stole peace because every road could be traveled 

And my naive feet couldn’t wait to set out with whistling and finger snapping 

But I’m no lad anymore 

Age and its favorite game of addition not subtraction 

My days are made of weeks and weeks of years 

My wings melt like wax in the face of reality 

My dreams still whisper but from afar  

Now unsure of their validity and possibility 

The strength of my hand and heart are all the treasure I have saved up 

And in God,I have learnt to cast my anchor 

In love too are my dreams renewed 

With a realism that lacked the creativity of my youth 

Life is no more a canvas to paint dreams on but a slab of stone to carve my story from.

The Wait

The windows of tomorrow promise much
But the hour glass of today keeps us from reaching through
Through to anticipated glory,
That pay cheque,
Or a lover’s embrace
But the true reward is in the wait
Garnished with the taste of anxiety
And neatly placed within arms reach is optimism and pessimism
Like salt and pepper you may sprinkle as much as you need
A sweet tooth I am,optimism tastes just fine
Like sugar its high is bound to keep my spirit soaring
Whatever the outcome,I enjoyed the trip
But in this wait a hand is better prepared to receive it’s gift
Scrubbed thoroughly in the virtues of patience and rinsed till the sparkles of appreciation and wisdom envelope them
Wisdom to open the eyes to the true value of common things
Appreciation to teach these two palms how to receive
Without which tomorrows gifts become pearls for the pigs
With eyes of gratitude Love becomes a true blessing only a few find
And her lips,ancient treasure time and weather have caused the earth to give up

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